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  1. J'espere que tu dors et que tu n'es pas vraiment sur le forum là... c'est plus comme, je ne peux plus demander à l'admin de te bannir pendant la période d'exam
  2. Bonne chance mon coupain préféré ! Mais tu n'en auras pas besoin, tu vas tout déchirer sa grand mère en shorts !
  3. I made it a few years ago Allin All.

    Sheldon, 2 possibilities for you now:
    1) Go to bed
    2) Go back to your books
  4. Yes but Sheldon, I am very good at creating clones.
  5. Sheldon> Seriously, I love you... If I wasn't sleeping with the Joker, you'd be my first choice.
    As for the clown thing... It is an unsolved Oedipe, obviously...But the Joker is not a clown. Just a man who knows how to seduce ladies.
  6. Allin All, you wille make Sheldon extremely happy by what you are saying. But you are still wrong about the cloning..
  7. Yes, you didn't accept mine either. Don't you like me ?
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