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  1. Shhhh....
  2. 'cause i was just kidding! xD *grin*
  3. Don't give up! Rehab is for quiters, lol. Even Jesus hates creed! *facepalm* ahahaha..
  4. Lucky ya'll are having such a blast while am here tryna figured it all out by lurking.
  5. I spotted something like an arm on the pic of holland25.

    Or Am I like literally On the puzzle game thingy.
  6. Stoked.

    That puzzle game is totally rad

    You dudes are so clever minded.
  7. Re-Edit: I shoulda have way more of a great respect for the ladies/Women.
  8. Lol, 'cause that was the first pic I accidently glanced at.
  9. Dude, were you reffering to that blonde chick with the pink hoody/bikini?
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