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  1. wat about roller coasters? are ya stoked!
  2. u r so RAD now ur exclusively my 5th friend XD
  3. Hi....thanx for ur sweet info...i hope everything goes great and smoothly for ya. good luck. =) yeah, that's super duper awesome that ur a sporty boy. just living teh life to its fullest. =) Y not worken because of the Economy. well what do ya wanna know all about me stuff. school sucks but my education is for my future. i wanna work because i wanna show my lovely parents that i can be matured. etc... i love water sports. and the Offs xD
  4. hello. i'm only 2 years older than you its not a LOT older =P. i study but don't work. i went to computer enginearing this year so i'll see how that goes. i'm a boy and i like sports i played baseball when i was younger. life's good. how bout you? are you into sports? and tell me what you study and about yourself
  5. r u a boy or girl? u into sports?

    how's life in genereal and stuff.
  6. enough about me stuff. lol

    wat do u study and u work?
  7. yea, i may only 16 but i look way older
    but i don't act all mature for my age.
    i will wait til
    i hit dat 21.
  8. ur alot older but its kool. xD
  9. well, good morning little miss sunshine lol. =)
  10. i dunno maybe just maybe.
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