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  1. All week ive been drinking Corona Extra. I may have to get some Pacifico. I think Dexter and Noodles said it is da shit. . Hell im on my 3rd on for the nite right now and going strong. I dont know what happened to the rum. Ive got empty bottles in my room.
  2. Yup. I wish you luck, the rum always makes it better
  3. Ive been feeling sick for the past few days. The rum is going to make it better tonite.
  4. ha, im actually playing my guitar right now. Last week i was messing around and now its starting to come together
  5. Hehe, I have a Dunlop one just in my hand
  6. what kind of guitar picks do you use? Ive been using fender med.
  7. The pepsi is gone. The rum is gone. Why is the rum always gone??
  8. Rum all around. LOL
  9. Went to the pub sat nite. Brought 60 bucks came home with 12. Only thing i had was bud lite.
  10. Wats good these days? Im having a bet with my buddy about football. The loser buys 2 pitchers of beer. Im going to win. We both live in new england area and since if you live in new england you must be a pats fan. (Football) I do not like the Pats. Im a huge fan of Colts. There are playing each other Sun. There is a lot on the line for my team cuz they are undefeated and plus this is the game that ever one talks about and looks forward to each year.
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