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  1. Hola girl!! how r u??? i hope that fine!!!
  2. Hola,how r u???
  3. hola!!,I've never seen snow, never snows in Mexico City
  4. yeah, how cold is it? it's about 50 degrees (Fahrenheit) here.....

    I want to see snow someday... have you seen snow?
  5. Hola!!! im fine,thank´s,and sure,México is cold now!!! is bizarre,it´s true,in the Northem is snowing,but here it´s cold!!!you are ok???
  6. it's cold in Mexico? wow! It's cold here, but no snow I'm doing good!! how are you?
  7. Hola!!! im cold!!!in México Cyty it´s cold!!!i fell mi cold blood,i feel coldness,and you???
    I´ve hear that in USA are snow???are you doing okay??
  8. I'm good, y tu? happy new year to you, too!! not having internet sucks!!
  9. Hi how r u??? happy new year!!! are you doing okay!!! i haven´t had internet,shit
  10. Hehehe hola skitogg how r u??? im on vacation!!!! and you??
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