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  1. Is time to go,greeting to USA,bye,wich is your name?? mi name is Paola
  2. This is a seire comic of 70's mexican,you see it
  3. what's "el chavo del 8"?
  4. jejeje is not a sandwich,do oyu like "el chavo del 8"
  5. yep,is yummy,he have orange,lemon,sugar, many have peanuts
  6. that's cool!! does "pan de muerto" mean "bread of dead" or something close to that?
  7. And this is the "pan de muerto",is the best for age of halloween,is sugar!!!!!!!!!
  8. it's so pretty and chocolatey!!
  9. sure,only sugar,are other candys that are with chocolat,are skulls
  10. so is it mostly sugar? I like sugar !
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