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  1. Maybe it will give us their adress
  2. Ok, after reading what you explained I got confused and passed out, I went to the hospital and sliped into a coma for ten years.

    Anyway,No I hav'nt watched it is it good?
  3. heyy, there's a 'Contact Us' button at the bottom of the page...

    LET'S PRESS IT!!!!
  4. thats the best way to explain anything!!

    Noodles is awesome because he's in an awesome band which is awesome because he's in such an awesome band because that's what Noodles does in his band which is awesome because Noodles is in it because that's what awesome is and Noodles!

    ok... I'm gonna go soon... but not too soon..........

    it's Saturday... have you ever (haha) watched the Americana (hey, that goes with 'have you ever'!) CD Extra? it's funny!
  5. It was awsomely awsome,

    It had like crust stuff on it because it was crust,some peperonie because I did't spell it right or that,and it was also a pizza because I ordered a pizza from a place that makes pizza because it makes pizzas.
  6. was it horribly horrible? or awesomely awesome? or... pizza....

    we had awesome pizza from this place that makes pizza and it was good... and it had lots of cheese and it was a pizza.... and it was good... I think I ate a whole one.... wow.. it was a large thin-crust pizza from that place and they put lots of cheese on it because that's what that place does when they make pizzas
  7. I had pizza for dinner, I tried that new domino's pizza.

  8. I want some antacid stuff... I ate too much pizza and now it's come to KILL ME!!! AAAHHHHHHHHH YA YA YA YA YA!
  9. I kinda want a donut now....
  10. I learned it from TV...

    jk, Noodles told me... he digs donuts!!
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