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  1. About what?
  2. I am thinking about a theory of mine and pondering if it is even plausable.
  3. LOL,Im starting to think this guy is not logging,what about you?
  4. oh... not very much at all I see!(read[i guess reading is still seeing])
  5. Not much,Im just waiting a friend to log on msn,meanwhile Im just posting here XD.
  6. So... what's up with you?
  7. It was disgusting.
  8. So what's up? BTW, a tick is worse than an ant! CJ's thread was gross and very immature, don't ya think?
  9. Thanks!LOL,no thats the Tick XD.
  10. Ur cuter than I thought. I pictured you like avatar with out the ant suit!
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