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  1. Had? lol I still have it! I'm a big gaming fan (the pack is called "Mega Games 2", and what a great pack that is! I also have it boxed, along with the sequel :P I have only got the 3rd through collections for the PS2 and's really expensive to get nowadays!
    As of late I've been playing a lot of Capcom Vs. SNK on the Dreamcast!
    Watcha playing now? Also...what does MZK mean in your nickname?
  2. Streets Of Rage? You didn't happen to have that 3 game pack with Streets Of Rage, Golden Axe, and Revenge Of Shinobi, did you? lol :P And yep, Streets Of Rage is a classic game! xD
  3. I'm a huge Beat'em Up fan :P
    And not just one on one...I like older stuff too, like Streets of Rage, Final Fight and so...
  4. Ah... so you're a beat em' fan right? hehe :P

    And yep, I'm also a big fan of SF and SNK fighters, like Fatal Fury, Samurai Shodown, and King Of Fighters!
  5. Killer Instinct references and MK logo...of course I had to send an invite! lol
    What about Street Fighter and SNK fighters?
  6. Thanks for the friend invitation! Hope you are having a nice day. xD
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