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  1. Whatever, you do realize though that I only have 26 friends, I am not looking for friend count, and I was trying to help others with the YouTube thread, I didn't know everyone knew!
  2. I asked for an example, such as a post.
  3. Excuse me??? For example???
  4. okay, whatever... but why did u unfriend me?
  5. About the spinal pain, it sounds like arthritis. Why did you unfriend me?
  6. I'm a girl, but I make sexist jokes because I think they're funny, and thinking they're funny helps me deal with the asshattery of men.
  7. are you a guy or girl...
  8. So do all the other Assburgers on Encyclopedia Dramatica.
  9. what do you mean i only have like 8 things
  10. There's so many things not right about you.
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