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  1. Got my bottle! It's number 153, and not upside down. Can't wait to crack this baby open. I'll let you know how it tastes, but I can already see how different it looks than the regular kind.
  2. Well def let me know how it tastes. And the number and if the labels upside down
  3. Hey, I'm super jealous! I haven't got mine yet. It says the scheduled delivery date is 12/01 Well I'm glad they have the numbers on them. Me and a guy from my band are gonna have a taste test when mine comes. He's been desperate for some for a while hehe.
  4. Have you got your reserve yet? If so what number are u and what lable. I just got mine today number 52. Not an upside down lable. Let me know how it tastes as well!
  5. I thought about it but I didn't want to be selfish. I want people to have a chance to get one. Plus it's probably for the best if I don't open it cuz what if I really like it. I can't go and buy more of the reserve. I was wondinring if they are going to send the numbered bottles according to who ordered first to who ordered last or if they are just going to randomly send the numbers out
  6. Ahh, good job! Yeah, it probably did crash because of the number of people on the site. Anyway, I'm also very curious as to what number mine is, too. I'm definitely opening mine, though, before it even hits the kitchen counter, haha. I think you should have bought a regular bottle so you could use that one. :P
  7. Hell yeah I ordered my bottle. I manage to finally get a bottle about 1:00. Glad you didn't have to go thru the page screwing up on you cuz it was so frustrating. I would have figured that a ton of people was on the site to make it crash. Well now the hard part is waiting for it to get here and of I'm going to open it or not. I wonder what number my bottle is
  8. Sooo, did YOU order your bottle of Gringo Bandito?!
  9. No but hopefully one day! Yeah I fell at work sunday night on the ice cut my hand a little and landed on the right side of my lower back. Fun.
  10. Things are cold and crappy. I'm still limping from a slip on the ice. Anyway, I'm Randy. Did you get to see Offspring in Charlotte last year?
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