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  1. Dude you haven't come on in forever but when you do, hi.
  2. You know I feel like I am going to throw up as well, but probably for a different reason. I think my acid reflux disease is just acting up again.
  3. Yea everyone pretty much does one big dance together. But it wasn't really put together neatly so everyone was just gonna do some random dance. It still would have been cool though. Yea my mom is so strict about who I add on FB and who I talk to and stuff, which really ticks me off.
    But I just finished making a "second" account with a different name and crap. So I can add you guys without hearing my mom yell at me for befriending others. -_-
    I don't know dude, I'm sure you sound great. I love the piano too, its such a light and classical instrument.
  4. Is a flash mob when everyone starts dancing synchronized randomly? My mom is paranoid like that too. I don't have you as a friend on FB now. You gotta add me. Also, my YouTube name is dexterholland94. I don't play well at all. I started a couple of weeks ago. I can play a few songs though...
  5. (that last message wouldn't go through for being too long so I had to cut out a lot)
  6. Well I mean its ok. But a lot of stores are closed,and its full of freaks. I can't even go by myself, my mom thinks that I'm going to get kidnapped by ninjas.Yes, Mountain Dew is very sweet and magical (very close to dexter). Though I think I have qiet a problem with it since I drink it so much each day. (I need help haha)I ended up not going to the mall. I couldn't get a ride so I missed it.Though I checked FB and found out the flash mob didn't even happen. Sadly the guy who planned it was banned from the mall. Which angerd hundreds of people.All the guy wanted to do was have fun and dance with others. What's so wrong about that?!Though I am really happy that you had a great day. It sounds like a lot of fun. I love energy drinks.Though I'm not aloud to have stuff like that ethier.Holy SourDough, I didn't know you played piano!You must be incredibly gifted at it. You gotta post some videos of you playing on that youtube channel you have so I can have my mind blown.
  7. Disfunction mall? Flash mob? I am not allowed to use the lawn mower. I LOVE MOUNTAIN DEW. I slept a lot. I went to the park. I played with my dog. I talked to my little brother. I drank some energy drink(SHHHHHH!!! I'm not allwed to have those either!). RIght now I am going to practice piano and wait for a special someone to come onto Skype so I can talk to him.
  8. Really I just saw it? lol
    Oh my god you have a mobile bed?!
    Damn that's awesome, so are lucky charms.I'm just swallowing funyons and mountain dew haha.
    I am soo friggin bored. The only thing I'm gonna be doing today is hanging out at the disfunctional mall, watching a flash mob. (hopefully)
    and mowing the lawn. :/
    How bout you?
  9. Hahaha. Thanks. That album has been there a long time, though. i am eating Lucky Charms. My room is sooo clean, even under my bed... It's easy to clean under my bed because my bed is on wheels.
  10. Wow I still can't beleave that its been so long ago that we've joined the boards.Sounds like something I'd celebrate haha.
    Its kinda weird that its only been almost two years that we've known each other though. I feel like it was sooner before that (same with Liv and everyone else). Damn
    I cleaned my room recently, I just need to get under my bed. There's nothing under there really its just full of dust bunnies and dirt, the usural
    P.S your new album of offspring art is awesome (especialy the one with dexter ) :P
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