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  1. On a different note. I finally cleaned my room. I didn't really come on the boards for quite some time but now I am spending a good part of my internet time on here. I love this place and I really missed it. I don't like the fact that they changed the design. Last summer was very nostalgic for me but this one is not as much. Also, as of four days ago I am a member for two entire years. I see that you also joined on the twenty-fourth but of a different month. You joined exactly five months after I did. Your almost to two years as well. I spent my entire summer of 2009 on here. Great summer too.
  2. Yeah, that makes sense.
    That is the link to Skype. If you can't follow it just copy and paste it into the address bar. You don't need to buy Skype Premium. You can register for free. You can't make landline calls or group chats for free. You get a thirty day group chat free trial and a one call free trial for landlines. Most newer computers have Skype pre-loaded. You do need to download it. If you hit the "start button" and go into "all programs" Skype should be there. Also, for free group chats you can register for Oovoo.
    Just click on the download tab on the homepage and there will be instructions.
    Also, what web browser do you use? That could have a huge effect on what happens with downloads. If you do buy a webcam and you need help to download the software from the disk, I can help you with that as well.
  3. Well I guess I could give it a shot, it would be cool to finally talk to you face to face for a change lol, but you wouldn't beleave how hard it is to find money in my family (one time it took me three weeks to gain five dollars haha ) But I'll try to get some money and see what Wal Mart has, I live right down the street from one so that saves me a journey.
  4. Well, I could send you a link to Skype. You probably used a false site or program. Also, a fairly good webcam is only about fifteen to twenty dollars at Wal-Mart and probably cheaper on
  5. Nah, last time I tried to download it it crashed my computer. Plus I can't afford a good web cam, sorry.
  6. I'm doing pretty well. I've had some fun. Do you have a Skype? We could webchat sometime.
  7. Nothing much, I just got a new puppy(We call him Chewy:P) he'll bite your face off but he loves to play,Im also pretty stoked because I'm finally getting out of school this Thursday and I can get some sleep.Plus I discovered the wonderful, heart fulfilling magic of Funyons
    Yea I feel like we havn't talked in forever, plus I really miss the boards so I'm starting to come back to it.
    How are you?
  8. So what's up with you? It has been quite a while...
  9. haha I hear that!
  10. It's okay, most things do
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