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  1. Haha sorry to confuse you there
  2. LOL.... i forgot what i said... i was concerned with your post on my page for a second there
  3. Sounds tastey
  4. Most people aren't. Today and tomorrow are both 11 AM dismissals. They are only to finish our portfolio. I have 3 hours of school left!
  5. Damn your lucky, Im not getting out until the 22nd
  6. Pretty good. Just chillin out. I get out of school in 2 days.
  7. Nothing much things are going okay I guess. I havn't been on the boards in months and I havn't heard from ya in a while. I really missed you guys and the stories and junk.
    How's everything for ya?
  8. Hey! It's been forever! What's up?
  9. hey bud

    what do you think? its me
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