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  1. SO you do it?! That's not nice. I got a nice punch in the stomach today!
  2. Yea I thought that piss you off!
  3. Yet you keep it as ur profile pic???!!!

    I have gotten a lot of snow. Already had a snow day this year!
  4. So we will both be the biggest fans(and livrose95)
  5. Grrrrreeeeaaaaattttt.
  6. He has said himself it can scare him but he does find it flattering!
  7. Yea Dexter is so freaken awsome I ca'nt describ with words. I pretty much cyber stalk too (looking at a bunch of stuff bout him) I find it funny but he proboly finds it very scary!
  8. It turns out I am a stalker type person(cyber stalker of Dex says my mom) and everyone says i stalk him. i guess it is all opinion. we are both the biggest fan. maybe we like them exactly the same. I love Dexter sooooo much!
  9. Well im not saying im a bigger fan then just saying you might not be a bigger fan then me.Like were even (50/50) ya know? There is a line between biggest fan and stalker obsessed Im thinking were on are toes over the line.trying to clear that up.

    P.S just because you have been a fan longer does not mean you are a BIGGER fan. Just means you have known them for a bit longer. trying to clear that up too (I dont mean this messege in a bad way etheir)
  10. Fine keep it the same but I am a bigger fan. You have been a fan for two years. I have been a fan for nearly thirteen years! How do you figure you are a bigger fan than me! I carry the Offspring Star Profile with me where ever I go. I also sleep with it on my nightstand so I can grab it if there is a fire!
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