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  1. If you keep saying ur a bigger fan then I wont change it lol
  2. CHANGE UR AVATAR PLEASE! I am a way bigger fan than you!
  3. Hey look we are finally on at the same time!
  4. I have been a fan ten more years than you!
  5. Dude(or chic, ur a chic right) change ur avatar. I seen that pic before and it scares me!
  6. Well I did'nt become a fan when the Greatest Hits CD was released.This is how it happened.

    My mother only knows one song by The Offspring (Pretty Fly For A White Guy)so she got the CD when she was at Wallmart (in summer of 2007) so one day I got board then started to listen to the whole CD (liked it)went on the internet to listen to other songs and see videos(liked it ),then I saw the most recent picture of them in a video and noticed dexter (loved it!) ! so I became a fan in summer of 2007 not 2005. I listened to a diffrent kind of music before 2006.
  7. I have been a fan longer than you. You said you became a fan after Greatest Hits was released but I became a fan in early 1997 when I was two years old and i heard selfesteem. i made my mom get me the tape and i ssoon wore it out!
  8. I am usually on a 8 or 9 at night. On the weekends time varies. I could be on anytime of the day(on school days i am not on a 1 in the mornin)
  9. We ar'nt usely online at the same time.
    what time are you usely on?
  10. When I first made the account I had a feeling that if I was under the age of 13 I would not be able to have the account or be blocked so I wrote that I was born in 1980.Then after the account was made I wrote my real birthdate. snneeaaakkkyy......

    By the way I was not ignoring you I was looking for a photo of me to upload on here. Just to let you know.
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