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  1. sure, i hope soo too! they better come out an dplay your way!

    so care to share your awesome news?????!!!!!
  2. sorry i was re editing my old skool myspace profile page thnigy lol the only friends i have in there is the offspring lex land nitro records gringo bandito and mister morgue oh noez..
  3. Haha thanks dude!I heard they are still planing dates so Im hopeing they will come to Rhode Island.
    By the way I got some awsome news!
  4. haha, i guess i am huh. I'd prolly faint if i ever did showed up an ddexter winked at me or waved hi or even smiled at me @ ticketmaster but yeah i don't go there lol well's ya i hope you do go the nextime! Whatever it is that you like it will come to ya ASAP! I betcha you diffinately deserve it! Good luck!
  5. Thats good to here that she is doing better.Yea,when it comes to feeling better you're the one to call
    Haha,yea right there is no way I could aford tickets to etheir the show or to get to C.A
    though I did save some money for something special that I can't wait to get
  6. What's up? Woo that was fast in the quickness! My friends shes doing ok. Thanks to me I know how to help out a caring soul. nobody said it was an easy thing to do but i'm all hers for now. i'm not going to any of the offspring shows here in CA. are you though? xD
  7. Hey buddy,Welcome back.
    geting caught up?
    How is you're friend?
  8. Amen.

    I love the wild animals too.Though the most important one to me is my cat .Though yesterday I saw her walking around with a bird in her mouth.
    (the bird was alive,and once we got it out of her mouth we took it and set it free out in the backyard)

    And thank you for sharing too.

    P.S,I'm trying to get a pet raccoon too
  9. Yes, absolutely thats exactly. RAD!!! that everything came out great. Thats an amazing inspiration. most folks wouldn't bother on caring but other will. we love animals...their the best... i love the dangerious exotic ones lol but yeah... nice story. thanx 4 sharing.
  10. Yes, of course I do. But its my life. I can only thanked God im still alive and breathing. And basically, doing what I love and enjoy to do like learning how to surf...swim...etc.

    So what If i get make fun off...let them do that..i honestly don't care nor it bothers me to hurt my feelings.
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