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  1. You will find one soon, you are a good player and based on the video you posted for the guitar contest, you do not lack creativity either
  2. Thanks a lot

    No, I don't really have a band, although I really wish I played in one. Well I used to play in a heavy metal band but I hate heavy metal, that's why I quit. I also sometimes record songs together with my friend online, but that's not a real band... that's rather a virtual band
  3. Glad to hear that. I really enjoyed some of your videos on youtube, do you have a band?
  4. Punk isn't just a part of my nickname, it isn't just music either, it's my whole lifestyle, so I guess it does make us like cousins haha!
  5. Hey dude, we both have "punk" in our nicknames, does that make us like cousins?
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