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  1. nevermind.... i figured it out (the question i asked)
  2. Hey dude! I remember you had videos of covers that you did. Well I made a YouTube channel and I sing a bit. So I posted a couple of videos on there. (Another one is soon to come, so if you like these, check in again soon). I wanted your opinion on how I did. I always want opinions from people who play music themselves, so comment, rate subscribe and try to spread the word please. I am trying to get as many views as possible. A lot of people liked them and I have already had a shot at something awesome so I am hoping for a big break. Support from anyone and everyone would be great.
  3. what do ya think. this is me when i was a baby
  4. Kind of late here... almost 5a.m. lol! I'm still studying
  5. Howdy! What's up?
  6. yeah. although I'd say f*ck I'm in Poland, not 'wow' I'm in Poland lol!
    haha you're from massachusets. I think I've been to Massachusets once. I mean I've been to Boston and I think Boston is in Massachusets.
  7. Oh wow your in Poland!
  8. hahaha I have a friend in l.a. and I talked to him yesterday and he told me it was raining the whole day. so I think snow is better than rain!
    ok I was just trying to make you feel better. I prefer sun to snow, too. although I love snow because I train alpine skiing AND there HAS to be snow for christmas this year. weather on christmas has been crap for 5 years or so here.
  9. I don't post things like that and expect people not to laugh. Plus I want to move to California away from the snow. I am sick of it!
  10. OMG lmfao! OK I tried not to laugh until I read 'you can laugh'.
    but lucky you... you have SNOW!
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