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  1. Lol, no, I'm not! I am Lord Phidias, I am not a very active member, but I log in almost every day and read a couple of threads.
  2. Btw, thanks! You know, for as long as you've been a member, I've thought that you were a guy who used to post here, got banned, and was eventually allowed back (someone I like by the way). So please settle this once and for all, are you RonWelty?
  3. Nah, I don't hate him anymore, he actually took back one comment he made on a thread I started, just his avatar... lol, anyways, You seem cool to, man, thanks for asking about my tribute band, it's going really well!! Mmm... actually sometimes, because I'm like the music director, and band leader... and agent... and publicist... so it's kinda frustrating from time to time when the other guys can't make it to rehearsal, or make mistakes on the songs for lack of practice... but still, we're doing great! The next step is to meet with the people of a cool venue where we would love to perform.
  4. Heh, I understand your frustration. It's kinda more like a character he plays. He's not really that much of an asshole (only just a little bit :P), but feel free to hate him anyway.

    But anyway, thanks, you seem pretty cool, too. How's that tribute band coming along?
  5. I meant "He may mean no harm" btw...
  6. He may not mean no harm, but why does he have to do mock people?? I hate those kind of people, guess I'll just ignore him when he messes around with other people, but if he replies shit to my posts, I'll tell him to f*** off... Yeah, I'm dumb, posted a visitor message to myself, I'm new to this forums thing... but see?? You corrected me nicely, Jojan would have said something sarcastic and stupid, you're a cool guy . And I really hate his avatar, he makes one of the most stupid expressions I've ever seen... :/
  7. Hey, don't worry about Jojan. He means no harm.

    Btw, I noticed you visitor messaged yourself. I hate when I do that...
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