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  1. Hey! Happy Birthday!!!
  2. Here you go!! Near San Jose, in Saratoga!! Beautiful venue. That is where the photo is from down below. Take care, Julie
  3. I will let u know for sure when tix go on sale!! Mabey in fresno in september.
  4. oh man, i gotta seem them when they come back to norcal. i know my sister in law would love to go. she loves old 70s/80s pop songs
  5. September 4th 2009 in northern cali!! They were FANTASTIC!!!
  6. Yes they still tour!! Scroll down to the bottom of my main message bord for the tour dates! Tom T-Bone just passed away a couple weeks ago of a heart attack. He was the bass player since the Private Eyes album. I have seen 311 twice and LOVED em!! Do u remember when they were touring with the H.O.R.D.E festival with Lenny Kravitz, Blues Traveler, and the Dave Mathews band?? That is when I saw them!! Long ago. I hope u get to see Hall and Oates, they ROCK!! Take Care, Julie
  7. hall and oates are awesome. they have created a lot of great songs over the years. im probably not as big of a fan as you, but i respect them. i would definitely like to see them live before they call it quits. they still tour, no?
  8. This was in New York 2003
  9. Do u love the guys!?!
  10. Private eyes
    they're watching you
    they see your every move
    private eyyyyyeeeesss
    theyre watching you watching you watching you
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