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  1. Happy Birthday! Enjoy!
  2. Gonna be 31 next month. Aye aye aye
  3. I don't really fit in here... How old are you???
  4. well you are a youngin so i can see how this could be your first message board. when i was your age, i had aol 1.0, dial up internet, and you werent even born yet. damn i feel old. lol

    the 311 bb was my first board and it took me a while to fit in. i got hazed pretty hard at first, but i learned the ways of the internet and now i can fit in anywhere i go.
  5. Oh... I joined about nine months ago because I am absolutely in love with dex and the band! I didnt know how to post, talk to others or what a user profile was for two weeks.... this is the first internet thing i have ever registered onto!
  6. negative. im a noob to this board. i registered to post in a thread about 311 and decided to stick around.
  7. Do you have a previous username
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