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  1. nice to meet You too, Janek Maybe we can't find a lot of things about concert because maybe Steady Ground is not famous enough.. ohhh, Ron should come back to offspring Then, we're going to having easier task ;p
  2. hehe yeah maybe but we should look for because i have to see them live and also i want to see Ron welty how he is playing too DD OHHH yeah nice to meet name is John (Jan)
  3. maybe we're going to find don't worry oh, and btw, i'm natalia ;p
  4. you re right too...i cant find anything...but you know I think they should have some videos...they have to we have to know where we have look for it. No I have tried to find their official Website but i found nothing
  5. I can't find anything.. it's impossible, that anyone does't throw video from concert, into, for example, you tube.. has Steady Ground got a website?
  6. ehehh I told you you will like it yeah you know i also have to listen others from them because i havent listened all yet!!! I have tried to find some concerts but not response If you find some please let me know....
  7. It isn't good!!! I think it's great!! I listened some songs.. they're.... uaaa but my favourite from them, <them because i don't know all> , is "I Just Can't Contain Myself" even, i downloaded it

    This is my opinion about Steady Ground.
  8. Yeah now i know what you think thanks you explained it to me I appreciate it...yeah listen and you will see its good because If you love this style of music so you have to listen this band...ok I am waiting!!!!
  9. Woodstock in Poland, of course by the river Odra in Kostrzyn... it's organizes from 16 years. Alternative rock? cool I must listen them and i'll tell You what i think about this band
  10. Yeah go on its very good way you want to play the guitar hmmm what woodstock do you think? because i know more festivals called Woodstock...Do you think Woodstock that was in 1969 and in 1999?..or what? sorry but I dont know Yeah Steady Ground is Rock...Alternative Rock I listened some songs from them and I like it try and let me know what was that!!!
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