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  1. I was only in Ukraine and Kazakhstan
  2. I do not know when I will have a protection, cause
    I did not start writing my master's thesis
    I just wonder have you ever been outta your region,
    like central europe or sth?
    It is really exotic for me live in such town like yours
  3. I finish study too... In May there will be a protection of diploma
  4. At me? Nothing new I think
    I'm finishing my studies and entering the adult life althought
    I still feel and act like a teenager - means going to parties
    and gigs (two will be next weekend )
  5. Hi! In Surgut this winter was enough warm... In comparison with last... colds kept only 2 weeks and the spring at us has come early... strange... likely, this global warming and at you what new occurs?
  6. ding dong I think we havent talked before what's up in cold and winter Surgut?
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