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  1. probably next week. check the link more often 'cause I will add more houses, now there are 2 new cheaper, but little bit smaller
  2. If no, then I will not Seriously I'll ask my friends, because I prefer to stay at fest camp.
    Is that any deadline?
  3. no, seriously
  4. If we would share the bad - yes, of course
  5. Cau Slawek

    Would you like to share accomodation in Terchova with us? Check this and write if you are interested
  6. yes, only for 15.8. that festival page is terrible...
  7. You bought the ticket from by the internet?
  8. Aha, ok
  9. no, I registred 4 times ago, but I've started writing about 3 months ago
  10. Hi polish friend Are you new here?
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