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  1. yea, but right next to billa, its blue and yellow..
  2. In those block of flats? There's some good pizzeria out there, ah?
  3. oh my i live next to Billa...skatepark is 5 min from my flat n the small river is Vah
  4. Alright, nevermind. There was near the small river and no so far from skating (or stadium) and Billa
  5. well i dont know by the name :/
  6. aaii two year ago I was on Alojz Burdel privat
  7. hello yea, im from liptovsky mikulas so when you come back here, just let me know we can meet
  8. hello! What's up. I see you are from LM I was there 2 year ago on skis on Chopok
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