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  1. Ahh that sounds really cool about the long days! Did people really party in the streets? (I've been told they do)

    It's pretty hot here in south Germany too, pushing 40C some days, though at least there's lakes and open-air swimming pools to cool off in. I saw people swimming in the Neva in winter last year, just off the Fortress, didn't look too clean though... Peterhof with all the fountains must be pretty popular. I guess you've seen most of the famous attractions then.
    They probably sell fans in MEGA (out of town shopping centre); there's an IKEA there and a lot of western shops (overpriced). But the question is whether you can be bothered to spend several hours of your free time schlepping out there...

    Shame about the long classes, I guess by 4pm or so it's not really possible to learn any more. Though you must be learning loads as it is. What's your accommodation like?
  2. It's pretty cool! The days when I got here were ridiculously long. The sun wasn't down until around midnight, and even then it never got darker than twilight. The sun would start coming up again around 4am. It's not as light now as it used to be, of course, but it's still pretty neat.

    Unfortunately, it's been the hottest summer in 130 years, according to CNN. And there is little A/C in the city. A friend and I went looking all over for fans, but we couldn't find any anywhere! Fortunately it's starting to cool down some.

    I've been to different places within the city, like the Hermitage, the Russian Museum, the Peter and Paul Fortress, among others. I've also been to Pushkin and am going to Novgorod in like a week and a half. I wish I didn't have so many classes, though. We go from 10am-5:30pm every weekday. By the time we get out, most things are starting to close.
  3. Hey, how's Petersburg treating you? What's it like in summer?
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