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  1. Hey what's up? I gotta get an ultrasound but I dont want to be covered in slime
  2. Nah, it'll give you something to work towards.

    I'll just say it basically said "sorry but I can't."
  3. wanna translate i aint that great yet
  4. Lo siento, pero no puedo te ayudar con tu clase de espaņol. No tengo el tiempo esta semestre, con mis otros responsabilidades. Buen suerte con tus clases.
  5. Hi! Do you want to help me with spanish? I already know how to pronounce words and things like that. Yo soy una alumna espanol.
  6. Hi whats up? u dont respond very much
  7. Hey. I was making a kid at school(he had a gas mask) take pictures. I made him look like the RAFRAG people.
  8. Hi. I am back to staying up all night again. I always do but my dad is not home just my mom so i can be on the computer(she doesnt know or come upstairs)
  9. Hi! What's up? I am finally allowed to have pictures of myself on the internet. This is a big moment for me. My father is giving me more freedom.
  10. Hi! What's up?
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