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  1. I have something on my leg but I am too scared to look and see what it is.
  2. Hi! What's up?
  3. Cock and load as in gun
  4. I didn't click on it. I saw "cock" and "load" in the same URL and decided against it.
  5. Now I am currently watching,"The Big Bang Theory" on CBS.
  6. My spanish is okay. I could easily get around in a spanish speaking country if I had to, but I'm a bit rusty. I always did well in it in school and college. I have to take a translation exam in it to get my master's later this year, so I should probably practice a bit more. I read the news in spanish from time to time to get used to translating.

    Anyway, I said that "I think it's a good reason." That is, if a whore bites your dick, I think you are entitled to punch her. Hard.
  7. so you speak spanish?
    what did you say about the sham-wow guy?
  8. My friend is waiting for a call from her professor. I don't think he's going to call her, because he's not very reliable. I may end up going alone in a bit.
  9. what happened to goin to the gym
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