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  1. I wonder if I'll ever be able to understand what's up with you and birthdays.

    PS: No, no, no... I love you more!
  2. No time for birthdays now, so I'll celebrate it on a different birthday of mine Now it's celebrating for Dutch goals

    PS: Not as much as I love you <3 <3
  3. Why am I ALWAYS confused about your birthday? Is it really your birthday? Anyway, if its, haha, happy birthday! Hope you have a great time.

    PS: I love you <3
  4. I see it's already been moved! Yeah it does! :D
  5. Hey, dude! How have you been? Let me ask you a favor, could you please move this thread to the General Chat section?
    Oh, it seems like your avatar has been looking down these days :P
  6. You're welcome!
    I'm still heading to the small 2,000. :P
  7. Hehe thanks, heading to the big 10k!
  8. Oh, really? haha, a big coincidence.
    So I now officially am able to say, congrats on your 9,000 posts! :]
  9. Haha, yeah! Didn't realize that until I just read that, and funny enough my last post before I went on vacation
  10. Almost hitting 9,000 posts, huh?
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