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  1. Cool, you're lucky, dude!
    He's amazing.
    Their concert fuckin' rocked! Did you watch the videos?
    I strongly recommend you to watch the "Strength To Endure" one.
  2. Yeah of course I like The Ramones, I'll check him out.
  3. Dude, you are lucky! lol
    The Offspring and CJ Ramone in the same day, that is really cool!
    You like The Ramones, don't you?
    CJ Ramone was the Ramones' bassist, he mostly plays Ramones stuff. And he also plays 3 songs of his band Bad Chopper and 1 Motörhead song.
    I got to see him, Daniel Rey and Brant Bjork play last week, and it was amazing! That was one of the happiest days of my life, you should definitely check them out!

    In case you want to check out some videos of his performance last week in Goiânia:

    Check this out. Let me know what you thought of them!
  4. Hey man! That's cool, I might go check them out! So they're playing the same day as Offspring hm? We will arrive to the festival that day so hopefully we're on time!
    Stuttgart would be too far away though, not gonna take a 5 hour drive for an artist I don't know So where can I hear some of his music?

    Oh and I'm not going to Highfield, that's Oxy who's going there too. I gotta be back on time to see the band play in London!
  5. Oh, fuck, I just noticed that they're playing at the Area 4 Festival, you lucky bastard!

    2009-08-12 D - Übersee/Chiemsee - Open Air
    2009-08-13 D - Oudenaarde - Feest In Het Park
    2009-08-19 D - Wiesbaden - Schlachthof
    2009-08-21 D - Lüdinghausen - Area 4 Festival
    2009-08-23 D - Stuttgart - 1210
    2009-08-25 D - Augsburg - Musikkantine
    2009-08-26 D - Leipzig - Werk II
    2009-08-27 D - Berlin - Festsaal Kreuzberg
    2009-08-28 D - Berlin - WaldbŸhne
    2009-08-29 D - Losheim - Strandbad
  6. Hey man, what's up?
    So, you're going to Germany for the Offspring's concerts, right?
    You're gonna be there for the Highfield Festival on August 22nd, right?
    Are you going to be doing anything on August 23rd?
    Maybe you could go see CJ Ramone, Daniel Rey and Brant Bjork in Stuttgart?
    He's going to do 9 concerts in Germany in August
  7. Yes I am!..
  8. Rutegard, Tijs is da shit!
  9. Hey, yeah, everything's alright. I was camping, that's probably why you haven't seen me online on MSN in a while, it's Carnaval here in Brazil.
  10. Hey man, haven't seen you on MSN in a while. Everything alright?
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