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  1. So who deleted the 'who here thinks Jojan's is cool thread'? Whoever did it should be honored, but I'm just wondering.
  2. You're so awesome(and cool)
  3. Don't worry, he already knows.
  4. We'll have to suggest it to the administrator or maybe start a thread to see what the others think.
  5. Yeah. Maybe a design in the style of the old community would be a cool third design?
  6. Do you mean the design with the white background?
  7. Going back to the old forums won't change anything. You'd be the only person posting there.
    Have you tried the other design? Read the 'Welcome' thread in Talk to see how.
  8. I lost about 10 posts during the change and I also don't like the upgrade's design. Maybe I'll just use the mobile version.
  9. How do you mean go back to that? Is there something you lost?
  10. Hey Tijs,
    Do you happen to know if there's any way to go back to the old community?
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