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  1. Yeahh everything's fine i think, i have lots of things to do you the university right now, but today i've been soooooooooooo lazy haha. I don't want to read anymore, it's just a lot for me :P. But apart from that, I haven't been so busy lately. Just going to the university, attending to my english classes, and nothing else! I have a lot of free time but i can't organize myself properly you know :P, I need to work on that haha. I broke up with my band in case you didn't know, and now i'm trying to start another I'm really happy with my choice.Guess what :O I have a microphone now, so if you have one too, maybe some day if you're online we can talk a little bit, it would be really fun :P
  2. Heyhey! Little bit of both, working again now almost everyday. But doing a bit of more sports too so I'm doing alright. Still a lot of things on my agenda but I'll manage
    How about yourself then? How's everything in pretty Argentina? Everything alright at Uni?
  3. Hey boyy! what's up? Working a lot or resting a little bit?
  4. So it seems he checked some stuff in the forums, not just one :P. Omg that's incredible.
    Well, see you online take care
  5. Yeah I was excited too! He was online twice yesterday and this morning too even! Too bad I had to leave him here because I had to go to work. But I went online an hour later and he was still here!
  6. I can't be under controll!! dexter posted in the forumss aaaaaaaaaaaaaa :P twice, that's huge. almost half of the posts he did in his entire life (?). I think i'd die if he listens some day the covers we're doing here. ashaogh :P.
  7. Busy busy! But that's alright, I like what I do Tonight I'm filming an icehockey game so that's cool! And I always have time to check the boards a couple of times a day to keep you people under control I think I'm online tomorrow.
  8. "But when I do I'll take over Argentina first "
    I likee that hahaha. Wow, it seems that you are now a busy and responsible person . That's really good . Uhhm well, it's ok, i was just wondering about you, we'll talk someday that you have time. Take care sr (:
  9. I've got a job as an intern now which is every weekday from 10AM to ~6PM. It's great but it takes a lot of time. I'm also working on some assignments to get accepted at a new school. And a few other things. Unfortunately I can't come up with any plans to take over the world at the moment. But when I do I'll take over Argentina first :p
    I probably won't be on MSN tonight though.. maybe tomorrow.
  10. Really? what proyects? If you want to tell me of course. Maybe how to take over the world haha. or maybe visit argentina (?) xD. Well, see you online some day bye bye (:
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