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  1. Of course you're allowed to talk to moderators! So you're safe
    I'm not sure when I'll be online again, maybe tonight. I'm just a little busy at the moment with a couple of projects...
  2. :O It's a rule that you can't talk to moderators? haha :P. So i broke a rule, We talked a lot, and I think you're a great guy. When are you going to be online in the msn?
  3. You've never noticed that? I've been a moderator for years! Maybe it's time for you to start breaking rules so you'll get to know all the moderators
  4. Hi tijs I was wondering about you, and why i saw that you're a that new or i'm just too scatterbrained? I wanted to know also how is everything there
  5. I've wrote so many times the phrase "I don't know" hahah im so insecure :P
  6. haha yeah i knoww...but it's that i'm going to start studing english translation...
    and i think that i need more experience in english first, and do more courses about it...and i don't know, I don't know what can i do, if it's going to be difficult or not...i'm scared haha. I don't know if it is my vocation you know, not because i don't love it, because i do...but i don't know if i can give all the best i can to be a good english translator you know :P. I have to practice, and i think we have to talk more haha.
    Yeah, I'd really like you to listen to our covers, but i think that you don't have to expect me to pronounce really good :P, and it has some, but it's a start, you know, we're going to keep on practising until it's perfect.
    So, see you later
  7. Oh cool! Congrats on going to university! What are you going to study? Why are you so scared of it, should be fun to start something new, right?
    I'll get on MSN later today, first I have to pick someone up from the airport. But when I get on I'd really like to hear those covers, I'm wonder if you're any good
  8. wow :P I can't wait with things like that..I'm at holidayss right now, i'm trying to enjoy them the most because in one month i'm starting the university :P I'm so scared hahaha. It's like growing up, starting a new page, I don't know :P.
    heey I wanna show you something, can you go to the msn? :P I'd like to show you some covers of the offspring that i do with my band. I'd like you to listen them if you like xD
  9. Have you been busy with school or anything? I know I have.. :s
    Nothing new really happened, same old same old. You know I haven't even seen the Kristy video yet? I don't want to watch a crappy quality version of it, the song deserves better so I'll wait for a decent rip
  10. Everything's okay :P fortunately...I know, I wasn't on Msn much too...not in the forum either...have you been a lot in the forum? any news?:P
    I'm really surprised about kristy's video and the new dexter's hairstyle haha
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