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  1. yes yes, dudes near to me who were under control by parents when they were kids are screwed up too. I was free and listened a lot of offspring what helped me stay on the right way. I owe them a lot. Now can't wait next tour. They must come to Europe!!! I'm confident, if they announced the US summer tour, maybe they also will come out with the european tour dates soon. If not, I need to go to the USA to see them. But I hope the other thing will happen. Of the money of an american trip I can go here in Europe to 6-8 shows. What's better? I bet european shows better. Are you saving money to the tour???
  2. I just needed a little reminder for it all to come back to me. But it all came back to me now very clearly!
    Well, I feel a LOT more guilty now when I sleep until 1-2PM than I did when I lived by my own. Somehow I feel very watched now.
    Oh that's really awesome of your mom, I think that's a very important thing to do, to just let the insane (or did you say intolerable ) teenage do her/his own thing and find out everything on it's own. Look how I turned out and look how you turned out! Friends of mine who have been really closely watched on took/take generally have a more fucked up life than the other ones, like drugs/school dropout/weird personality etc.
    Hehe, but it's so easier to make up a good excuse when you don't live with your mom though, isn't it? I developed the ability to answer the phone and sound as if I have been awake for hours, even though I got woken up by the call.
    Haha seriously she did that? Actually I can't imagine that because my mom's in no way like that, and even if she is, read the above solution
  3. haha its sweet how you remember everything we did and talked about when I guided you. )) You are lucky with your parents. My mom was always cool too, let me do anything when I was an intolerable teenager, I had a great childhood and everything that you can imagine, but she likes know what I'm doing, she's always worry about me, about my school, if I'm late... and it's annoying you know. But I can't be angry of her because she loves me a lot (and vica versa) But it's better to both of us to live separated. First day of my recent home, where I live with my brother, I was sleeping early morning, was so happy cause I had no school that day and had a party previous night so I was still drunk, when she called me up (around 7 am), and started shout to the phone: "don't you need to go to school? what are you doing? your brother said you're still in bed! why are you still in bed? you will be late! wawawwwwawawawaaaaawaa!!!!!!!" Can you imagine it?!
  4. It's all coming back to me now! I think the heat might've damaged my memory a bit in Hungary :p Now I remember we were on top of that large hill with the statue and you pointed out your building. And you told a story about your cat. And your mom lives 1.5-2hrs from the city. Now I know I must be right! :D

    Oh I miss the independence too, the not-being-extremely-quiet part during the night and stuff. But I'm not hurrying to get out of this place though. And besides, my mom likes it :)

    Haha, my parents never constantly looked over my shoulder to see what I was doing.
  5. You arent right, I'm living on my own 3-4 years ago. Yeah its cheaper to live at home with parents. I completely understand you, but I just couldnt live with my mother again. I like independence, and I rather live alone. Don't like if my mom always watching what I'm doing, why don't sleep, wake me up at the morning and other stuffs. I like calmness and my mother always anxious. "you will be late! you drink all of you money! you're gonna fail your subjects!...." I hate this
  6. Oh.. I thought you did. Did you live with your mom when I was in Budapest, or am I just completely mistaking here? :p Haha, yeah the room I rented took most part of my salary as well. That's why I moved back in with my parents to search for something cheaper. No luck so far.. but I've only been living here for a month, not even. In the meantime I just enjoy the free living, home made dinners, clean house :)
    Ah yeah, if you look at it from the beer-perspective you are completely right. So eventually you'll have more money left in the UK/Ireland I suppose. And it'd be just really cool living in a different country. Should be an awesome experience.
    Wow, working on cruise, going to the Caribbean.. you've got some awesome plans :D
  7. Im not living with my mom. I rent a room and half of my salary goes away just to pay for it. the another half is for food. so noone can tell me the life is harder in the uk than in hungary. here i work an hour just to be able to buy a beer. there they got 10 euros for 1 hour, and thats not the price of 1 beer. anyway i didnt say i want to work in Mc in the Uk. Just saying that they pay much more for the same job. now im starting a training for a job on a cruise. Im also gonna do a language course, so maybe in a month or two my english will be much better. and maybe in 3 month i'll be in the Caribbean.
  8. Well, good.. good in a way that for now I'm doing okay. But I've got no real perspective of what to do in the future, you see. But ah well, I'm planning to make some real decisions after summer holidays.
    Hm, well if you end up getting a job in the UK or Ireland you won't make 4 times as much money. Well, you do, but daily life will also become a lot more expensive. You'd no longer be living with your mom and those countries are simply more expensive too. Especially England as far as my experience goes. And uhm there's more and better work than McDonalds. Just think about the possibilities! There's Burger King, KFC, Subway
    In the end the most important thing is to save money for Offspring shoes though!
  9. Sounds your things are going well. Im happy about it. Mine do not unfortunately. In college my current semester is not active. I still work at Mcdonalds, but I cant be student worker anymore. Because of it I'll have less money and no more scholarship and student discounts on public transport. So I'm in a financial crisis now. Im looking for jobs in other lands, UK or maybe in Ireland. Mcd in Ireland pays 4x more money for an hour than hungarian Mcd. So this is a hard period of my life. But I will survive it. Im not that sad about it, there is always a way out of woods. I just need to figure it out.
  10. Ah.. sounds like some things happened to you! Care to share it?
    I'm doing quite okay. Been quite busy. I moved back in with my parents to have a comfortable "headquarters" for my search of a better place to live. And by better I mean mainly cheaper but also a bigger place, and preferably cleaner than before hehe Aside from that I'm working as much as possible. Doing various jobs through job agencies, two steady a weak I work for DHL, the other days I whatever comes a long my path. Anything to get money. Also, doing homestudies in Audio Visual Professional Media. And uhm.. yeah so enough to fill my time completely!
    Oh and did you get a better job btw? I remember you talking about it when we were in Budapest, because you wanted to earn more. Something along those lines, heh.. so did you?
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