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  1. Thank you I actually did better on it than on the song i had to sing in English.
  2. Congrats, that seems very difficult to sing, so it's impressive you got in second! Way to go!
  3. I'm pretty good myself. I placed second in a solo contest this weekend singing ""Lasciatemi Morire"
  4. Like Tyce :P like rice. we discussed this on a thread somewhere...
  5. Haha you like it that much, huh? Always nice to hear, I wonder how it sounds when you pronounce it though
    I'm doing really great myself, how about you?
  6. Hey Tijs. I think I forgot how much I love your name... I just said it aloud and fell in love with it all over again. ANYWAY: how are you?
  7. oh. well I'm sorry =[
  8. Pretty sure, yeah.
  9. Well that's kinda weird. Are you sure it was me?
  10. Well, I was often tagged in a photo that had nothing to do with me. Not really spam, just random messages.
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