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  1. My facebook was spamming? =[
    Because I didn't really acknowledge you as a facebook friend, you were just kinda there :P
  2. Ha maybe, but merely just wanna get on my own. Not sure if I have the American Dream. Maybe a Dutch Dream? What's your dream then?
    I think I removed you from my Facebook because I got a lot of random messages/tags from you.
  3. Btw: do I have you on Facebook? I thought I might, but i'm not sure. (On Facebook it's "Annabell Marie Vajgrt" even though my name is Abbygayl. It's a long story.)
  4. Sounds like me definition of the American Dream. <---- Just turned in a MAJOR essay on that. lol.
  5. Hey girl! Yeah been a while huh. I'm doing alright. Trying to get some sort of life on track you know. Get a decent income, do what I like. Stuff like that. How about you?
  6. It's been a while since we've chatted. How are you?
  7. :P I notice wierd things
  8. Haha yes it does. I think you are actually the first one to notice that, or at least mention it.
  9. I notice that it changes direction from time to time :P
  10. Haha, yeah I figured it was time to renew my avatar.
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