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  1. aw, hello, we haven't spoken for a long time;p I'm fine, thanks. At the moment I'm just sitting at home and listening to music
  2. Hey Ala! How are you? Where are you?
  3. did you get my photos?
  4. I've answered your e-mail it appeared that my computer mouse is more stupid than I thought and destroyed my mail so I had to write it twice;p
    I came back home about 11.30 p.m. It was a bit strange to come to lectures, my everyday life seemed to be so far away during this weekend...I was thinking only about the band and the fans and how awesome time I've had.
    ok, when I write I'll share with you with my story oh god I MUST experience something similar again! my new life goal
  5. Wow I can't believe you went to lectures today, I couldn't do it! At what time did you get home last night?
    And let me know what you've written, I'd love to read it!
    And check your email!
  6. I slept a bit in a train and in the night about 7 hours but when I was at a lecture I felt so sleepy that I decided not to stay on the others lectures.
    I must write about this weekend in my magic notebook, I'd like to remember every single minute of it for all my life today I was listening to Offspring while going to school (now I don't know if I would be able to listen to another bands) and was smiling to myself thinking that I'VE MET THEM AND TALKED TO THEM! so awesome
  7. Hi! I slept a LOT last night. I went to bed around 3am and I just got out of the shower. So I slept for about 11 hours :) Dreamed a lot about the weekend, I think I'll never lose the feeling of being amazed about it!
    Were you able to catch any sleep? :p
  8. hello! how are you? did you sleep that night?
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