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  1. The minimum shipping costs to you will be US$ 25,00. Please, buy it at for a really cheap price:

    I bought mine there. Only 3 US$ for shipping. Try to find the sealed or factory sealed ones.

  2. How much would you charge me(including shipping) fo r the offspring star profile and maximum offspring. i look at the star profile so much the black ink on the pages rubs of on my fingers
  3. The problem is that the shipping price to USA varies from 20 to 30 dolars for a simple CD. Don't know if it will worth for you.
  4. will you check out my collection and tell me the cheapest item you have that i do not. (how much is the star profile, i am lookin for a new one.
  5. Not much, what about you?
  6. Hey! What's up?
  7. i was laughing soooooo hard
  8. Really funny!
  9. I hope too, good luck!
  10. i dont care. my older bro and his friends said if they get the money they will all chip in and pay for it for X-Mas. i hope they do. they r awesome
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