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  1. :O And how do you know this?
  2. like the reason i was late getting back to school from open campus. she was giving a cam show to some guy in france.
  3. That's hard to imagine. In fact, I'm glad it is because I don't want those images in my head.
  4. oh she is. she's a fucking whore.
  5. On her facebook profile. Looks like she was trying to impress someone.
  6. where? where were they!?
  7. Ha! So I wasn't the first one to do it today.

    lolz, they were there, so I had to see what was going on.
  8. I
    totally just send my message to me.

    you were looking at a picture of my mother? wtf, mouse
  9. rofl. Yeah, I was looking at her picture right before you said it, so naturally I thought that's who you meant.

    Are you sure you're jk? Me, I'm just trolling facebook for anything interesting before I start studying.
  10. BUT SHE DOESNT HAVE ANY TEETH! it's fine. lol. so im sitting here watching porn. hbu?

    jk, btw
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