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  1. Hey Noodles. I don't know if you know me yet but I've been here a few years and it would be the best thing ever if you messaged me back, just cause. Love ya
  2. Hey Noodles! You guys should totally do shows like this more often!
    That is so AWESOME! You guys are the best band EVER! I love you guys!
  3. Hello from Massachusetts! I just want to say I love the music you guys play and I can't wait for the new album. It's awesome that you have been coming on! I also love the podcasts! They are frickin hilarious. It would be awesome if you got back to me. I have been an offspring fan for like ever! I am 16 now but i was about 4 or 5 when i started listening to you guys. My dad had a cd(smash) and i liked the cover so i listened to it and ive had it ever since! Also, I really hope you guys have a meet and greet in Massachusetts! I want to meet you guys soooooooo much! I actually have dex's autograph from the GB private reserve, but mine was broke and i got a second free Matt(ese) said he signed it at the studio. I did talk to Ese from GB online
  4. This is your website so you should come on more. You made $50 off of me last night.
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