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  1. Do you want to trade it for pukkelpop 99?
  2. Hi!

    i only want the roskilde show

  3. And you want to trade with me right?
    What DVDs do you want from me?
    Do you have MSN btw, easier to contact via MSN. (Add me if you have:
  4. hi!

    yes these are "real" Dvds, not burnt out .wma or .avi or .mpeg.
  5. Are those all real DVD? Not .AVI/.WMV etc sourced?

    I also have some DVDs I still need to add to site:
    29.08.1994 [AUD] - Lepakko Club - Helsinki, Finland
    12.12.1994 [AUD] - Fillmore, San Francisco, CA, USa
    30.05.1999 [AUD] - Somerset, WI, USA
    05.12.2000 [PRO] - Much Music, Toronto, Canada
    11.03.2004 [AUD] - Wembley Stadium, London, England
  6. Uhm, As i think of now i have these:
    Gothenburg 94
    Reading 96
    Quebec City 99
    Tokyo 04
    Wembley 04
    Big Day out 95
    Sommerset 99
    Salt Lake City 94
    Long Beach 02
    West Palm Beach 95
    Glastonburry 95
    London Astoria 94
    TSI Stadium 99
    pukkelpop 99
    Lissabon 98
    Puppekpop 04(one song)

    And MANY others on vhs.

  7. What DVDs do you have?
  8. So what do you want against the Roskilde show?
  9. i have somewhere, but not on this comp.

    how about you?

    What have you got?
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