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  1. maybe i will see you on ustream during night 1

    the full lineup is on wikipedia
  2. Bad Religion? I'm watching it!
  3. ok thanks

    yeah they are not playing the kroq xmas show the 2nd night is terrible but the first night looks good with band's like bad religion social distortion and smashing pumpkins
  4. Oh, yeah, it wold be nice if The Offspring played KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas, but it's very unlikely, right? :\

    And as for the San Francisco 1994 bootleg, all the information I have on it is available here:
  5. can you please give me the link to the remastered version of the san francisco 1994 bootleg at the warfield theatre that you were talking about in the last bbs podcast?
  6. oh ok but i have some bad news it looks very unlikely offspring will play this year's kroq almost acoustic christmas show but the lineup has still not been announced
  7. Dream Theater are, not Avenged Sevenfold, though.
  8. really? i didn't even know they were considered metal legends
  9. Wow, really? I don't really like them, but they're like metal legends.
  10. i have actually never heard dream theater
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