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  1. No problem, man! I know you would and I appreaciate that.
  2. i can't make it tonight but i would have recorded it for you sorry i can't find the channel
  3. To be quite honest with you, this is all the information I've got:
    It says Wednesday, but the concert is today! I'm quite confused, actually. Btw, why don't you go enjoy this awesome concert?
  4. sure i will record it but can you find anymore info on the broadcast like the name of the channel because channel 4 here is nbc and i don't see it on my public access channels

    EDIT i found this
  5. Hey, man! You live near Los Angeles, right?
    "Marky Ramone event at Musicians Institute tonight at 6pm in Los Angeles channel 4"
    Apparently there's gonna be a local broadcast, if you can't make it, can you at least record it, please?
  6. No problem, man! Hope you had a good time yesterday and I'm glad to help.
  7. thank you and thanks for remembering my birthday
  8. Oh, and yesterday was your birthday, right? Happy late birthday!
  9. Hey man, how are you doing?
    I was going through some old threads and realized and you'd asked me in one of them if I had the link for the video where Chester Bennington from Linkin Park comments about being an honour to share stage with The Offspring and Muse, didn't feel like bumping the thread, but I thought I'd VM it to you, so, here you go:
    Sorry it took me so long to send it to you, for some reason, I didn't see your post when you posted it.
    See ya
  10. ok cool man thaksnks!!
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