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  1. hehe sağol,al benden de o kadar,bir kaç albüme bakıyordum,1 uğrayayım dedim.
  2. oo iyidir ya
    senden nbr?
    idare ediyoruz bi değişiklik yok
  3. hey!naber?baya zaman oldu,nasıl gidiyor?herşey yolundadır umarım
  4. hahaha
    so where are u from?
  5. dont angry on me but
    i have never seen like u intelligent and interested about history americans
  6. so u cant be an american
    i think
  7. dude hitler discussed with turkish government few times
    he ever wanted turkey join to hitler's alliance
    but we ever rejected it.hitler said about it.i will never attack to anatolia coz there are millions anti imperialist brave fighters
  8. i have never heard that
  9. my favorite football team was born at 1907
  10. i m 27 and i m a teacher
    i would like to chat to u about politica
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