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  1. Yeah Ud c Offspring again, cuz its definitely worth it!
  2. So how many shows were ya at?
  3. I got to see The Offspring again in San Francisco on July 31st. I hadn't seen them live in 4 years.
  4. Doin better now after that show. Just wanted to know hows it goin for U Were U at some of those US shows?
  5. Hey, I'm good. What's up?
  6. Hey Alex California. How are ya dude? U know what? another Offy show n pic with Noodles!!
  7. Shes from CA, so if I were you then wed rock the world together!!! Punx people all over CA. Just wanna go there someday. Yo already know. Ok Im gonna check that movie n then maybe join Airheads.
  8. Sorry for not replying to the messages you just sent me.

    Airheads is an early 90s movie with Adam Sandler, it's awesome and you should see it. SJ has been going good, and Ipunx lives there?
  9. What s up SJ PUNX?! So yo sk8?
  10. And sorry because of not loggin to Airheads, but really dont understand that, but thanx for the invite. Appreciate that friend.
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