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  1. Thank you!
  2. Happy Birthday!
  3. Hi! I am extremely bored right now!
  4. Nothing much is up right now.
  5. Hi! What's up?
  6. Hi! I can't get Kerrang to respond. I just had a question.
  7. Yeah I don not know how to use imageshack and i want to download it from my PC
  8. You never posted a picture in a thread, is that why you're asking?
  9. How do you post pictures in threads?
  10. I spent half of my day helping my seven year-old neighbor make twenty-five gallons of lemonade for a lemonade stand(I wasn't going to but then she started to cry and I didn't have the heart to say, "no"). Then her cousins(who she lives with) invited me to there "Last pool party of the summer" party, so I guess it paid off. I could have done without spending six hours in one-hundred degree heat selling ice-cold lemonade I wasn't allowed to drink, though. She refused to give me an employee discount and I don't have a whole dollar. I was also a "helper", in her words, so I didn't even get seventy-five cents so I could buy a glass of lemonade. The fact that I only have twenty-five cents sucks!
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