Conversation Between Human and Free?

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  1. Well thankyou! I've never actually used this program before...Well, I think I did awhile ago but got a virus. >.> I shall figure it all out. Thankyou!
  2. Tada! Hopefully, you'll enjoy it.
  3. Sure, if its not too much trouble.
    I just went on limewire and downloaded everything I saw that looked safe enough..
    So I may already have a bit of it.
  4. Oh, wow, now that's a surprise! I'm touched and very happy about that, I hope you'll enjoy them, but please, be sure to check the full albums, not just biggest hits because there are loads of underrated stuff, it's a shame that most of 'powerfans' are too narrow minded to appreciate it.
    Want me to upload their stuff for you?
  5. The comments on that one picture were kinda the reason I started listening to Powerman 5000, I thought if the music was great enough to evoke that sort of situation it would be worth a listen. ^.^
  6. Yes, and so it seems.
  7. Hello! I say 'meow' sometimes and I'm also a human. Looks like we have so much in common!
    But I have a photo album in my profile and you don't...

    Meow. ;]
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