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  1. Alright
  2. that is on a dvd... i am uploading.
  3. Hey madam! Still no videos or photos?
  4. Alright, I'll be waiting
  5. monday or tuesday.
  6. No photos and video yet?
  7. Great, and please, if you made photos from the meet and greet, I want all of those too

    You can upload them at rapidshare or megaupload if you know how to do it. It will be great to have them all in one RAR, so that everyone interested can download them
  8. I will make a lot of picture from the video, so i will send you alllllll.
  9. I'm happy that I met you too And one more thing, Lucia is asking whether you have her photos with Greg and Pete... If so, can you send them to me too? We would like to have all the photos where we are
  10. Hey!
    Yeah..i think but i don't know.
    you have in my video, that's sure. I will send you.
    I am happy i met you.
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