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  1. I'm doing fine, thanks. Just thinking of writing some songs.

    Haha, come where?
  2. I'm ok baby...and you?
    Come here!
  3. Hey, Marikaaaa. How are ya?
  4. Wowowow, this has gotta be my favorite day for birthdays ever. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! What are your plans?
  5. I miss you too Marika.
  6. Marikaaaaaaa, what have you been up to? Miss ya.
  7. heyyy. I'm ok. I missed you.
  8. Hey, Marika. How are ya? I miss having you around.
  9. That's amazing. How cruel of them to not give you a day off! Anyway, I have to work now. See ya!
  10. I was working and I was very tired.And I am working today too. every day off. ehhhe
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